Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Top 10 Reasons This Year’s CSAE Tête-à-Tête Was The Best Ever

#10 FREE parking

#9 Easy set up and tear down with no stairs, elevators or escalators to contend with.

#8 Great coffee and water stations not to mention all the other delicious food at breakfast, lunch and throughout the day.

#7 Sponsor videos that were in line with this year’s event theme: Break Convention - Venture out. They were engaging, fresh, fun and had us singing along to them (“Such a lovely place. Bring your business here”)!

#6 Words of wisdom from our keynote breakfast speaker, Chris Bailey: “it’s not how busy you are but rather did you accomplish what you set out to do today? Productivity is found in the overlap where time, attention and energy meet.”

#5 Numerous opportunities to connect, network and engage with delegates throughout the day whether it was sitting down with them at the breakfast or lunch or meeting up with them on the tradeshow floor.

#4 Great organization and thinking outside the box, by the Special Events Committee lead by co-chairs Heather Cleat and Riccarda Galioto, and Kathryn Cyr with AMCES. As a result, we had not only the best of past practices but new ones too including an exhibitor and delegate lounge, an “Ask the Expert” kiosk, Connect@CSAE workstations and simultaneous interpretation at the breakfast and luncheon.

#3 Outstanding creativity, energy and enthusiasm from all the exhibitors who put great thought into how best to showcase their goods or services. Their attention to detail and sense of fun is what makes this event so special.

#2 Huge thanks to our sponsors who make this day possible: AV-Canada, Business Events Toronto, Center Stage AV, Coast Hotels, Conventions Regina, DE Systems, Discover Saint John, Discovery Halifax, EY Centre, Fairmont Hotel & Resorts, Fredericton Tourism, Freeman, Hilton Wordwide, Le Groupe Germain, Marriott International, Marsh Canada Limited, Meetings & Conventions PEI, Miller McConnell Signs, Ottawa Tourism, Pendleton Translations Limited, Quebec Association of Convention Professionals, Quebec City Business Destination, resiada, sensov/event marketing, Shaw Centre, Speakers' Spotlight, The Personal Insurance, Tourism London, Tourism Vancouver, Tourism Whistler, Tourism Winnipeg, Tourisme Montérégie, Tourisme Montréal, Yukon Convention Bureau

And the #1 reason that this year’s Tête-à-Tête was the best ever….

The Debaters Live comedy show at the luncheon that was spectacularly good and provided an outlet of genuine laughter from every person in the room. Moments to remember: Steve Patterson’s rendition of Oh Canada, Erica Sigurdson’s Spanx “body tsunami” and Dave Hemstad’s experiences as a new father.

Such a welcome relief to be able to laugh like that in the middle of the day (and on a Wednesday no less!) surrounded by good friends, colleagues and clients.

Thank you CSAE Tête-à-Tête. You knocked it out of the park!

By Martha Tobin, Staples Promotional Products