Monday, 20 January 2014

Embrace Hybrid Meetings

Join us on January 22nd at the Centurion Conference and Event Centre for what is shaping up to be a fantastic panel discussion on Hybrid Meetings.

One of our panelists, Mahoganey Jones, suggests that planners don't need to be technology experts; rather planners need to embrace it and learn which models work best for the event.  See her video below:

Panelists are:

Samuel J. Smith, Managing Director, Interactive Meeting Technology (via video conference)

Mitchell Beer, President, Smarter Shift

Mahoganey Jones, Manager, Continuing Professional Development, Canadian Opthalmological Society

Session moderator:

Doreen Ashton Wagner, Chief Strategist, Greenfield Services Inc.

Read more about them through their bios here.

For more information on the session, or to register, please click here.  If you cannot attend in person, we highly recommend attending virually - the session will be live at 12:45pm.  Please follow this link to attend online. We hope to see you there!

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