Monday, 21 July 2014

Blogs that caught our eye last week (Featuring @AssociationsNow @MemberClicks @XYZUniversity @SmoothThePath)

There are many blogs out there for Association Executives – opinionated pieces, that aim to share knowledge, expertise, and make you think.  Here are four that caught our eye this week:

  1. Three Keys to Inspire New Ideas From Staff:  Thanks to AssociationsNow for posting an article about Elizabeth Weaver Engel, CAE (with Spark Consulting).  This article discusses the fact that there is a lot of hype around innovation with associations.  We all know we should be doing it – but are there any associations out there that are doing it successfully?  Elizabeth conducted some research that says there are.  Find out about some organizations doing it right, and how they are achieving it.
  2. The First Step to Innovation:  Thanks to MemberClicks for this article.  Again, about innovation (Yes, the hot topic). This article suggests that innovation is not about having all the answers – it’s about asking the right questions.  Those who are consistently reaching out to members to find out what is working; and what is not, are those who are on the innovation train.
  3. What Members Want:  The New Meaning of Value: We can always count on XYZ University to provide content worth reading.  This particular article suggests that if your association is going to be around long enough to worry about the next generation of membership, you need to know what these members value – NOW.
  4. It’s Hard to Communicate Member Value:  If you haven’t come across Amanda Kaiser’s blog, “Smooth The Path”, you should add it to your reading list.  Amanda digs into three pieces of the member benefit/value equation, and some tactics to understanding their specific needs.

What’s on your reading list this week?

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