Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Our Top 10 Viewed Blogs for #Association Execs in 2014...

What a great year we had!  There has been several thought-provoking articles that have hit the #OGCSAE Chapter Blog this year; and we wanted to celebrate the support we have received by showcasing the top blogs this year:
  1. 5 Big Sponsorship Trends to Watch in 2014 (from March 2014): This post was provided by Bernie Colterman, Managing Partner of the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing (CEPSM), who suggested that increased focus on the customization of sponsorship benefits packages, increased focus on sponsorship activation, less emphasis on the “Metal Levels”, increased focus on content distribution, and integration with social media were trends to watch this year.
  2. Blogging Best Practices (from February 2014): This post was written by Angie D’Aoust, Director of Marketing & Communications with the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA), who provided 10 steps/tips/best practices to a better blog.
  3. Don't Let Your Board Get Decision Fatigue! (from March 2014): This post was written by Meredith Low; of Meredith Low Consulting, who talks about decision-making, the decision-fatigue phenomenon, and tips to optimize the way your board makes decisions.
  4. Lessons in Hybrid Meetings: Hybrid or Not? (from March 2014): Written by Mahoganey Jones (a Certified Meeting Professional and Digital Event Strategist with a background in continuing professional development),  talks about hybrid meetings, and questions to ask to help determine if your organization should produce a hybrid event.
  5. 10 Things to Do Before Implementing Something New (from August 2014): This post was submitted by Scott Oser, of Scott Oser Associates, which provides a running checklist of things to take care of before taking the leap.
  6. Best Practices to Maximize Your Conference Experience (from June 2014): In this industry, we attend many conferences; our own, those for our association memberships, and those relevant to our area of work.  This post provides 0 tips to maximize your attendance at a conference.
  7. An Association's Road Map to Handling Criticism on Social Media (from November 2014): This post was written by Marc Cousineau, President and Founder of Incline Marketing, offering eight things to take into account when responding to criticism on social media.
  8. Lessons in Hybrid Meetings: 5 Steps to Getting Senior Management Buy-In (from April 2014): Written by Mahoganey Jones (a Certified Meeting Professional and Digital Event Strategist with a background in continuing professional development), who recommends the 5 steps to gain executive level buy-in to ensure the success of your meeting or event.
  9. Membership in the Age of Google: What Are You Serving Up? (from June 2014): This article was originally featured in the April-May issue of CSAE Ottawa-Gatineau Executive, and was written by Jennifer Hagen, CAE, Director, Chamber Development & Services with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and looks at how you can create engagement with current and future members.
  10. The Secret to Member Engagement Is... Being Nosy! (from April 2014): Written by Sarah Hill is the primary blogger for MC Talks, the blog for MemberClicks, which suggests getting at the root of your members' "why" and find out what is most important to them to engage!
Thank you to all who submitted posts for our blog this year - we really appreciate it!  If you want to submit a post in the future, please email Meagan Rockett.  Happy holidays to all, and we look forward to a thought-provoking 2015!

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  1. Marc Cousineau ( Incline Marketing- #7) has been instrumental in educating and helping us with our Social Media!