Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Some of the Marketing Tips that Caught Our Eye

There are a ton of resources out there to help you enhance your marketing efforts.  Here is a few samples of the tips and best practices we have seen that you should be aware of:

Via MemberClicks Inc.: Take a Risk  You hear it all the time in human relationships, people lamenting how the object of their eye only likes people who are bad for them. Most people are drawn to risk takers. They like rebels. They want to follow someone who’s speeding down the road. They want excitement. Boring rarely receives a cult following.

If you want more loyal followers, if you want people to join, you must do something different than what you’ve been doing. Let more of your personality show. Let your members’ personalities shine through. Host a membership drive that expresses your members’ stories, not just a spotlight that gives their name and employer. Remember the tattooed librarian calendar from the Rhode Island Library Association?

Via Association TRENDS: Subject line length  Subject lines with fewer characters continue to outperform longer subject lines. With more and more subscribers checking email on mobile devices, a short, engaging subject line is more important now than ever. Be direct and let recipients know exactly what they’re about to see once they open. Keep in mind, while subject lines with less than 10 characters averaged 49.73 percent open rates, that doesn’t mean that a longer subject line won’t do the trick. We’ve found that above all, relevance and clarity trumps persuasion and creativity. The best way to know what your audience responds best to? Test it!

Via Digitec Interactive: Not ROI, ROE  No matter what social media platform you choose, the important thing to remember is that social media is about engagement. You don’t need to advertise on these platforms to reap the rewards of going social, you just need a page or profile. The ability to have conversations with your friends and followers, as well as to curate content that lets prospective members get a glimpse of the association’s mission, goals, and character is what social media is really all about. Social media is an engagement tool, and success is measured not by Return on Investment (ROI), but by Return on Engagement (ROE). What’s not to “like” about that?

Via Association Marketer: Embrace “membership season.” By focusing your membership drives on a particular time period, you can offer time-limited discounts and offers to encourage your prospects to join now instead of waiting till later.

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