Thursday, 7 August 2014

Associations That Create Change – An Interview with Paul Smith, Executive Director

In the May-June issue of the CSAE Ottawa-Gatineau Executive, an interview with Paul Smith, Executive Director of the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE) was submitted for publication.

Associations are constantly on the lookout to create change in their industry, and remain relevant. Paul Smith, the Executive Director with CACEE was kind enough to share his experience with his organization, the change created, and the accomplishments achieved as a result.

Paul was kind enough to answer questions relating to:

  • What happened with your organization to make you realize that a change was needed?
  • What did you identify as possible ways to implement change?
  • How did you get stakeholder (Board of Directors, Staff, etc.) buy-in to making the change?
  • Did the process work the way you had anticipated?
  • What timeframe did you account for in your planning to create and implement this change? How does this compare to the time it took?
  • What were some of the hurdles you did not anticipate?
  • What have the outcomes been so far? Is there anything else you anticipate taking shape as a result?
  • What advice would you provide other association executives who are looking to create change?

To read the full article, click here and flip to Page 9.  Paul has some great insights, and we thank him for his honesty, and willingness to share!

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