Wednesday, 19 November 2014

3 MORE Books Every #Association Executive Should Consider

We have come across a few more books that association executive should have a look at:

Road To Relevance: 5 Strategies for Compeitive Associations; by Harrison Coerver & Mary Byers, CAE

Road to Relevance, the complementary companion to Race, doesn't stop at identifying the strategies.  It gives real insight into how to adapt the strategies to your organization's circumstances so that you can execute.  Case studies, adaptable examples, and provocative questions are included throughout Road to help you work through these strategies from adoption to implementation.

Operating as you've traditionally done for the last 10, 20 or more years is not a viable option, argue the authors.  Association leaders must be disciplined strategists, focusing the organizations they serve on value they can deliver and structuring accordingly to compete in the "new normal."  Use insight from Road to Relevance to lead your organization to an evermore-valued, sustainable, and relevant future.

Social Intelligence Demystified: How Associations Can Master the New Rules of Engagement in the Digital World; by Julie King

The Internet has had a profound impact on the way people come together and discover information, resulting in a new form of social intelligence that affects all associations. Not-for-profits are uniquely positioned to dominate under the new rules of engagement, yet they face significant risks and must be prepared for tough competition from the business sector.

In this important and timely publication, social media expert, Julie King, provides association leaders, staff and volunteers with a concise, big-picture understanding of these changes and how to move forward using actionable steps. This fascinating book empowers associations to make smart decisions about how they can and should be leveraging digital technologies in their organizations and provides an invaluable array of tools for them to do so.

In Your Face!  Canadian Association Leaders Share Candid Advice on Pressing Issues; by Sandi L. Humphrey, CAE

In Your Face! Is a frank look at the challenges facing today’s Canadian association and not-for-profit sector.  In this long-awaited publication, editor, Sandi L. Humphrey, CAE, has assembled a group of association leaders who have demonstrated a real ability to effect change in their own organizations and who were willing to speak candidly to their peers on issues of both strategic and tactical importance.

From empowering employees and managing internal power struggles to trimming your by-laws and navigating the perils of non-dues revenue, In Your Face! provides sound advice and insight from experienced not-for-profit leaders that will truly enlighten industry contemporaries as well as Canada’s next generation of top association professionals.

What other publications have captured your attention lately?

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